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The Jurassic Walks
Step back in time as you walk a range of tracks spread among fluted limestone rocks and biodiverse native forest in this unique 320 acre privately owned park. 

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The Jurassic Walks is the collective name for all of our walking tracks here at Waipu Caves Farm Park.  Tracks range in length and grade.  The easiest being only a few hundred metres on near flat ground while the longest could be joining several tracks and take 4-6 hours.  


Guests who are staying in one of the camping or motorhome areas or those who have paid for a guided tour in the Milky Way Glow Worm Cave can have FREE use of the tracks.

Day visitors who just want to walk pay a small fee of $5 each person. 

Tracks are continuously being worked on to improve them and generally the tracks nearest the camp areas and office are the best condition.

Day visitors should plan to walk while the office is open which generally opens at about 8.30am and shuts about 4.30pm during the week and often later during the weekends. 

In the future we intend to have the tracks available to download for use with a gps or on a phone app. 

This page updated by Ian on 26 November 2023.  NOTE ADD 28 MARCH 2024.  WE WILL BE ADDING A BOOKING BUTON HERE IN A FEW WEEKS.

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