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The Milky Way Glow Worm Cave tour guides you through a passage into the chandelier chamber filled with beautiful formations and a spectacle of glow worms, so close you can see the sticky droplets in their webs.  The sound of the stream, the stalactites and water dripping from them, the sparkle of glow worms in the darkness of the underworld, this intense beauty will leave you in awe. 

See ancient moa bones in the cave from a time when they roamed the bush.  We have a focus on educating our visitors about the cave, how it was formed and how to look after caves.  So, if you love learning and seeing nature you need to come here.  We also allow you to take photos, which many other cave tourism operators will not allow.  The tour path is set up in such a way that you get a real feeling of caving as we have not filled it with lights and barriers.   


Teens & Adults: $35 each.

Kids (age 5 to 12): $25 each.

Preschool (under 5): free.

Group bookings of 10 or more (who would normally be paying visitors) get $5 off per person from the above rates.

Booking not essential. 


Several tours daily during summer, 

first tour at 9am then each hour,

last tour starts at 4pm. 

Extra tours on the half hour when we are busy. 

Closed during heavy local rain.

Light and short rain showers are usually OK.


Christmas Season.

Closed Christmas Day.  All other days open as usual, gate open 8.30am, first tour 9am, many tours through the day and last tour starts at 4pm. Gate closes at 7pm. 

October 2023 to April 2024.  

These are the warmer and drier months: from late spring, summer, to early autumn. 

Every day, tours hourly from 9am to 5pm (last tour starting at 4pm). Gates open from 8.30am.

Additional tours on the half hour during peak season and busy days.

Hours for May 2024 will be posted nearer to May.


School groups including home school groups who come as a class during the week get a special tour suited more for age appropriate education.  

Price is $15 per person whether they are students, teachers or parent help.

Contact us to arrange a time for a pre-visit if required.

School prices will go up $2.50 in December.

How to book.

You can email us:, or fill in the form below, or phone us: 09 430 27 22 or you can just show up (during above open periods), but if you are a group we prefer you contacting us.  This is just to avoid the possible risk of tours becoming too big in numbers.   DON'T USE FACEBOOK TO CONTACT US.

Tour length, time, distance & path.

The tour takes about 50 to 60 minutes return (depending a little on the group) to the office.

We walk about 300m on a gravel track through the bush and rocks, then enter the cave down 28 concrete steps and onto a concrete path and we return the same way.

If you have physical or health issues where walking the 300m through the bush is going to be difficult or tiring then we allow you to drive closer on our farm road to get you to about 50m from the cave entrance.  You must arrange this when you arrive.

Rain and safety around flooding.

This cave, like most caves, is affected by heavy localised rain and can flood.  We monitor weather maps every day and several times when storms or heavy rain is due or near.  If water levels in the cave rise or is likely to rise we do not run the tours.  We post on facebook (on a public page you can see, even if you don't do facebook) when we are closed due to rain.  If in doubt phone us. 

What to wear.

The temperature in the cave is about 15 degrees Celsius and so during warmer months it is nice and cool.  During cooler months you may want to wear a fleece or jacket.  Any footwear you feel comfortable in walking on a gravel walking track to the cave is ok and in the cave it is a concrete path.  We provide torches, but you are welcome to bring your own if you like. You don't need a helmet. 

Cave care.

Don't touch the rock walls, roof, cave formations or glow worms or their webs.

Edited by Ian 24th December 2023

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