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Schools & Youth Groups
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We have a wide range of activities which schools and youth groups can do whether staying here camping or day visiting.

Some activities can be run by teachers, leaders or parent help, others can be done with the support of one of our team or there are activities which must be run by instructors (which could be our team or your own if you have instructors).  We provide RAMS & SOPs and can help work out activity rotations.  There is also plenty of space for you to do your own activities, team building and games.


Activities available:  Bush walking on a range of tracks, Hut building in the bush, Jungle Story bush and rock explore area, Orienteering with map and compass, Dam building in the river, Nature exploration in the river or bush, Cooking on fire, Archery, Bike riding, Milky Way Glow Worm Cave (our walk-in show-cave), Rock climbing, Abseiling, Adventure caving, Farm animal petting (calf, pigs, goats, lambs).  

Educational lessons in the natural environment to support class topics can also be arranged.  This where Ian Fox the owner can do botany lessons, environmental lessons, geology lessons to support what kids are learning in class.  Pricing for this is worked out on time basis.

We have 3 areas of which 2 areas are available for schools and each can fit about 80 people with plenty of space but we can fit about 120 people into each area but there will be less open grass area to run around at camp.  There is a motorhome area which is near the public road and is separate to the 2 camp areas.  

If parents/leader/teachers wish to bring a motorhome or caravan to stay in at camp with the kids then there is space to do this within the camp (not separated at the motorhome area).

School or Youth Groups do not share camp areas with public/tourist who are camping.  When the camp is not booked by a school then we open them to public.


It is important that you are aware that we run the Milky Way Glow Worm Cave as a tourist trip and there will be tourist around the day visitor area.  We aim to and prefer to run school groups separately from tourists but occasionally if the a few tourists and the parent help/teachers don't mind we may join them together.  Tourists and Day Visitors also have access to walking tracks (collectively call The Jurassic Walks) which are spread around the 320 acre property. 

Facilities: at November 2023 

1 campground area is set up with 1 12m x 3m portacom kitchen with 2 x 4 burner cookers, 2 x double sinks and 2 fridges, a range of cooking pots and utensils.

2 x individual flush toilets (2 more and 1 x multi person urinal under construction), 2 individual showers which use a $2 coin to operate for 5 minutes.

Under construction: second camp area toilets, showers (due before Christmas 2023) and Kitchen (before February 2024)   

School and Youth Group Prices for 2024.


Camping - per person per night $15.   

Tent Hire (if you don't have enough of your own) - $20 set up and break down (we pitch it and pull it down) per tent plus $10 per night for a 2 person tent, $15 for a 3 person tent.  These must be booked to ensure we have enough set up for you. 


Milky Way Glow Worm Cave - (guided by us) per person $17.50.  This takes about 55 minutes from the office but if you are under time pressure you can walk the kids near the cave entrance to save a bit of time.  


Survival Camp or Remote Camp - This is where there is no infrastructure and it is back to the olden days style where you may have to make your own shelter.  You may be in the bush or in a remote grass area depending upon what the group lessons are. This is charged at normal camp rates of $15 per person per night but activities and set up is run by you.  Support may be provided where needed and arranged.

Orienteering - starts at $100 per school.  You run this, but we train you and provide the equipment and the sheet for kids to fill in.

Bush Walking, Cooking of Fire, River Play, Bike Riding, Nature exploration, Jungle Story, Hut Building, Burma Trail - included in camping or day visitor fee. These are run by you.

Archery - We have a range of bow sizes suitable for primary school age through to bigger ones for seniors.  This activity can be run by you and you pay a rental fee for the equipment and we teach you how to do it.  This is $150 for the first day and $100 each day after.   If you want us to run it there is an additional charge.  

Farm Animals - Note: December 2023, we are just building the new petting barn near the office where you will be able to engage with the animals and feed or pet them and one of our staff will be with you to talk about the animals. This is $5 per person.  

Abseiling & Rock Climbing - There are 3 natural rock crags to pick from.  If you are running this with your own instructors or an outside provider such as Adventure Specialties or Bigfoot Adventures you pay for use only which is $5 per person per wall.  Big groups may be using 2 walls at once if you are doing climbing and abseiling at the same time with different rotations.  If we provide the instructors the first instructor with equipment is $1000 per day, $600 per half day.  This ok for a small group (30-40 kids) with no time pressure.  If the group is multiple classes or there is time pressure such as day visiting then a second instructor will be needed which is $600 per day,$400 per half day.

Note: December 2023, we are cleaning and preparing a new area of rock face so we can do abseiling and climbing in the same rotation at the same time.  This will mean kids get to do more in the same amount of time. 

Adventure Caving - all groups must do the Milky Way Glow Worm Cave tour before doing adventure caving.  In that tour we add some extra elements in the talk before the group will either continue further into the cave in a wetsuit or enter another one of our cave passages.  The adventure caving leaders must be approved by Ian Fox (the owner) before being allowed to take groups into the adventurous natural sections of the cave.  There are several options from horizontal stream passage (no ropes required) to mixed passages with horizontal sections, squeezes, swims, climbs, abseiling through to the advanced vertical sections with multiple rope descents or climbs.  Approved instructors and participants pay an access fee (on top of the $15 for the Milky Way Cave fee).  Currently approved instructors are Adventure Specialties, Bigfoot Adventures, Some Scout Leaders, Some Schools with their own instructors.   You must enquire about this activity.  You (or your contracted provider) must provide all your own gear.

Deposits for booking the camp ground for small groups $500 or for big groups over multiple days $1000.

This page edited by Ian Fox 04/12/2023.

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