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Milky Way Glow Worm Cave
Several Guided Tours Daily 

Stay here
Tent and Motorhome sites

There are 3 camping areas set in a valley with karst limestone rocks, a small river and beautiful native bush.  The camp is a dark skies camp where you can see lots of stars. 

The Jurassic Walks
Step back in time as you walk a range of tracks spread among fluted limestone rocks and biodiverse native forest. 


The Jurassic Climbs
Climbing and bouldering routes.

Supporting Northland Land SAR (Search and Rescue) and Police SAR.

Search and Rescue happens in NZ with the use of both the Police and the volunteers of Land SAR.

For some years Ian Fox (owner of Waipu Caves Farm Park) has been involved in Northland Land SAR, particularly in cave rescue.

From 2019 until June 2023 he was coordinator of training the cave rescue team, mostly using the various caves on the property. 

In addition the Police SAR team also use Waipu Caves Farm Park 320 acre property for various training events.  

With Ian stepping aside from actively coordinating training, he and Waipu Caves Farm Park still support the Northland Land SAR team and the Police SAR team with the free use of the property for training for various rescue scenario's and skills training by utilising the natural environments of caves, cliffs, bush and river along with the infrastructure of the campground, buildings, bush tracks, farm roads and paddocks etc.

Please visit their website (here) and support by donating on the Northland Land SAR give a little page (here) or click on the logos below.

This pages was last edited by Ian on 26th May 2024.

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